Fall 2019 – COGS 127

I co-created and piloted a brand new UCSD course offering called "Data-Driven UX and Product Design." In this course, students learn research & testing methods, prototyping & design tools, and storytelling skills to help them quickly design and evaluate multiple design solutions. Given a complex problem statement, students work in teams to address user needs and prototype solutions that mirror the constraints and conditions of real-world product development processes.
Fall 2018 – COGS 120

With over 300 students registered, "Interaction Design" is UC San Diego's largest and most popular Human-Computer Interaction course. In this course, I led student teams in researching, designing, testing, and developing their own mobile web apps. Students learned the fundamentals of the human-centered design process, including design research, rapid prototyping, usability heuristics, and front-end mobile development.