I also teach and develop new university design curriculum.

I care about giving back to the design community, mentoring up-and-coming designers, and building out the future of what design education looks like.

I've worked with UC San Diego's Human-Computer Interaction Department to create and teach new university design courses that help students of all backgrounds excel in today's design industry.
Course Creator & Instructor (COGS 127) 

I co-created and piloted a brand new UCSD course called to fill the gaps between theoretical design taught by existing courses and the product design tools/processes used in companies. In this course, I launched the first-of-its-kind Figma learning modules to teach students (who are brand new to design) how to design compelling visual, interaction, and product design artifacts. I also created a standardized design critique philosophy for grading work in an academic setting, called APS (aesthetics, polish, and storytelling). At the end of the course, ~35% of students reported landing an internship/job, and the course received a 97% recommendation score (compared to 83% for similar design courses at UCSD). 
Teaching Assistant (COGS 120)

With over 300 students registered, I taught and led a weekly section of students in researching, designing, testing, and developing their own mobile web apps. I walked students through the fundamentals of the design process, research methods, and front-end development. Each week, I facilitated design critiques to help iterate student designs and help them achieve their product goals.