By running a simple design experiment called an A/B test, President Obama's 2008 campaign raised $60 million in donations.

Fast forward some years from that election, and I was sitting in Brad Voytek's Introduction to Cognitive Science course–my first college class as a Human-Computer Interaction student at UC San Diego. Hearing this story in the beginning of my college career inspired me to pursue an academic and professional career where I could use my digital product design skills in the pursuit of expanding the human condition.

As a Product Designer, I use data and empathy to craft tangible and end-to-end human-centered design experiences that impact a diverse set of users and serve their underlying needs. My background includes both enterprise and consumer, where I've leveraged and blended my strengths in product-level thinking, interaction design, and visual design to help drive maximum impact. I'm motivated by strong mission-driven cultures that aim to empower the everyday user and tackle pressing societal challenges.

In my spare time, I like to take pictures, go on urban hikes, drink boba, and find Shiba Inus on my Instagram Explore Feed (@hellohoku is my favorite).
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