I'm David, a Product Designer previously designing Lyft pay & financial products. 👋​​​​​
I'm a SF-based Product Designer passionate about crafting elegant solutions that meet the challenges of complex problem spaces. I'm laser-focused on finding the intersection of ambitious business goals and delicate user needs, in order to help products drive impact and growth. 

At @Lyft I designed consumer financial products on the Driver App. Before that, I designed enterprise SaaS products @SAP and @Komodo Health.
Designed a first-of-its-kind mileage tracking product to help Lyft Drivers record all their tax-deductible miles, increasing driver savings by $400M.

Designed a new screen in driver payout setup flow to ensure that Lyft has a driver's correct Tax ID, resulting in a 2.9% increase in successful payout setups.

Designed a professional networking product that helps connect pharmaceutical companies with researchers.

Designed and developed a mobile web app for young adults to address interpersonal conflict and emotional health via conversation cues & mood tracking.

Expanded SAP's CRM Design System by 10x and led system migration to new platform for better organization & information architecture.